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 LKSoft is an internationally operating company. The GmbH (a kind of a limited company) was founded in 1994 by Lothar Klein. The Ing. Büro Lothar Klein founded in 1983, was merged into the GmbH in 2009.

Software development started in Lithuania back in 1996 in cooperation with the Kaunas University of Technology. Out of this the UAB LKSoft Baltic (also a kind of a limited company) was founded in 1999.

Since 1996 LKSoft is focusing on STEP (the STandard for the Exchange of Product model data, ISO 10303) and its implementation for the Java platform. We provide a complete suite of tools using their synergy effects.

"In the automobile-, airplane-, ship industry and many other areas there is a move away from proprietary CAD/CAM/PDM formats towards the STEP standard (ISO 10303).
Java offers ideal features to work with the STEP data. In contrast to other programming languages, the complete Java binding to the Standard Data Access Interface (SDAI, ISO 10303-22) results in an optimal Application Programming Interface (API).
Therefore, we expect the combination of Java and STEP to lead to fundamental changes in the CAD/CAM/PDM area. The superior features of Java 2 Platform make it the 'better Windows'. It enables us to write more robust and more flexible user interfaces for CAx technologies."

Lothar Klein
Founder and CEO
LKSoftWare GmbH

Lothar Klein XX


LKSoft contributes to the general endeavor towards interoperability, collaboration and integration by:

  • providing solutions for industrial end-users to benefit directly from standardized product data;
  • developing tools and utilities for software developers to simplify the adoption of STEP standards;
  • participating in standardization and promoting the STEP standard to extend its functionality and improve its quality;
  • conducting research and development activities to define paths for further advancement of STEP-related technologies.