Based on the international standards (including ISO 10303), our software also takes advantage of high-end technologies used in its development. Therefore, it provides long-term design usage and archiving capabilities that are sustainable and immune to changes in vendors, tools, and processes. Our applications are ideally suited for product information enrichment and exchange across organizational boundaries.

When creating applications, we focus on STEP, Java, Eclipse platform and XML. However, LKSoft programmers are skilled in creating software using various other technologies and methods.

ISO 10303 - STEP

ISO 10303 (STEP) All LKSoft developed applications are fully based on the international standard ISO 10303. It standardizes the product data representation and exchange. ISO 10303 is known as STEP or the STandard for the Exchange of Product model data.

This architecture gives many advantages to our applications, such as universal data exchange, long-time archiving, data correctness and accessibility and more. LKSoft products can act as the integration platform for various systems (PDM, EDM, ERM, CAx and others) or data (mechanical, eletrical, electrotechnical, etc).

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Java Most of our applications are developed using Java programming language. This ensures the highest possible level of platform independency. Moreover, Java offers better long-time support for software, as the applications do not depend on the specific hardware and are not vulnerable to hardware changes. Java Virtual Machine error reporting capabilities enable the creation of very stable applications. By using optimised programming techniques our software has typically the same performance as comparable C/C++ applications.

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EclipseEclipse is a platform for creating Java applications. Eclipse-based applications benefit from the framework's plugin functionality - the created applications are modular and their features can be easily added or extended. Moreover, Eclipse-based applications gain numerous other features, such as powerful update functionality or a native look in all supported platforms.

LKSoft flagship application IDA-STEP is based on Eclipse platform, therefore users can make use of its modularity (install only the required features), get the latest updates from inside the application and much more.

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