S-TEN project

S-TEN project LKSoft participates in S-TEN research project. One of the S-TEN (Intelligent Self-describing Technical and Environmental Networks) project objectives is to tap the new possibilities of the Semantic Web for applications in the technical domain. LKSoft works on research of linking two generic worlds describing the life cycle of products, i.E. STEP (ISO 10303) and OWL (Ontology Web Language).

Visit S-TEN website for more information.

DEPUIS project

DEPUIS projectLKSoft participates in DEPUIS research project, which is a part of Europe Innova initiative. DEPUIS (Design of Environmentally friendly Products Using Information Standards) project aims to improve the environmental friendly design of new products and services through the innovative use of new information standards. The main strategic objective of this project is to enable more companies, particularly SMEs, to use Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) on the environmental impact of their design of new products, in conformance with the Communication on Integrated Product Policy of the European Commission.

Visit DEPUIS website for more information.

EUCAM project

EUCAM projectLKSoft participated in EUCAM research project. EUCAM (Multilingual Communication in European Car Manufacturing) is a Multilingual Infrastructure for Work Process Oriented technical collaboration. It applies communication and content technology to establish learning in combination with knowledge management as a dynamic process between component suppliers, machine manufacturers and production plant operators based in different countries.

Visit EUCAM website for more information.

IDA-STEP project

IDA-STEP project - Information Society TechnologiesThe first versions of IDA-STEP product line on AP212 and AP214 was a result of the IDA-STEP project, partly funded by the European Commission. IDA-STEP stands for:

Integrating Distributed Applications on the Basis of STEP Data Models.

Project number: IST-2000-30082.

Time frame: 2001-08-01 till 2004-03-31 (32 months).

Visit IDA-STEP website for more information.