Products and services

LKSoft offers several products, based on ISO 10303 (STEP) international standard. Moreover, several products are developed exclusively for the client companies. Some of the products are listed below.


IDA-STEP v4IDA-STEP v4 is a new generation of standards-based tools from LKSoft. IDA-STEP v4 is a fully modular application - you can create your own perfect IDA-STEP v4 application for various data viewing and management purposes.

IDA-STEP is based on international standard ISO 10303 (STEP) and supports various STEP data. With the free IDA-STEP Viewer Basic component, IDA-STEP v4 is capable of viewing 3D/2D models, PCB/PCA, PDM and other data.

When extended with available components IDA-STEP v4 can provide data management and creation capabilities, import from other CAD systems and export to various file formats. Components for IDA-STEP v4 are constantly being developed to provide new functionality to the application and update the existing components.

Visit IDA-STEP website for more information.


JSDAIJSDAI™ is an API (Application Programming Interface) for operation on STEP data. It supports various functionality, such as STEP-File or STEP-XML data exchange methods, local and remote data storage, STEP data validation, Express Compiler, and more.

Visit JSDAI website for more information and downloads.


ALOES (Advanced Logistic Embedded System) ALOES (Advanced Logistic Embedded System) is a logistic system, based on JSDAI and standard data model. LKSoft develops and maintains this system exclusively for Nexter.

Visit Nexter website for more information.


CircuitCAM software provides the user with a sophisticated CAM station. It can control all production data, modify the design, step and repeat the complete layout, perform different design rule checks, generate ground planes, input text using TrueType fonts, and generate routing data. CircuitCAM is also a very efficient data converter, such as converting AutoCAD data to Gerber data.

Till version 6.2 CircuitCAM was exclusively distributed by LPKF Laser & Electronics AG only. From the new version 7 on CircuitCAM is generally available, indepedently of the milling, drilling and Laser machines one is using.

Visit for more information. 


Aside of the developed products, LKSoft offers various services, such as:

  • Complete solutions for data exchange and data integration;
  • Development and customizations of STEP converters for CAx/PDM system needs;
  • IDA-STEP customizations and configurations on the basis of Eclipse plugins
  • CircuitCAM customizations and configurations